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Global Market for Patient Flow Management Solution Market to Offer Lucrative Growth Prospects for Manufacturers

The patient flow management solution market is foreseeing an expansion owing to aspects such as the implementation of a patient-driven approach by health care suppliers, diminished price of software and hardware, lack of specialists and nursing staff, requirement for cost constraint measures, increment in healthcare costs, requirement for enhanced quality of care and concentration on patient satisfaction, growing hospital admissions, increasing awareness about healthcare and the growing number of activities by different governments, increase in product launches as well as partnerships & collaboration amid market players. In addition, high ROI accomplished by the implementation of these solutions, remarkable requirement for increased quality care for the patients, demand for cost diminution by the hospitals, government associations for patient flow management and so on are likely to add to the market growth.

On the other hand, for example, an absence of skilled professionals, the requirement for huge investment, the absence of inadequate infrastructure as well as rising occurrence of data security breaches are the significant constraints to the expansion of the worldwide patient flow management solution market.

Growing utilization of cloud-based models and smartphones is considered to enhance market prospects. Partnerships, collaboration, as well as new product initiation are a few of the ongoing trends for the overall.

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The patient flow management solution market in North America is believed to foresee a lucrative growth in because of increase in training and funding activities in Canada and the U.S., diminished health care expenses along with progressions in technological innovation in the region. Asia is also considered to demonstrate high rates of growth in worldwide patient flow management solution market in the following five years, with India and China being the quickest rising markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The prominent impetuses for the patient flow management solution market in emerging nations incorporate healthcare infrastructure, a huge pool of patients and increasing government financing in the area.

Recently, the company, Infinx, announced its fresh update of iBridge. This cloud-based patient access platform was formally unveiled at the time of a conference of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) during 2017, a non-profit membership organization for healthcare financial management executives. This novel technology is considered to boost competition amid the market players.

The organization, GRM Information Management Services, Inc., recently in the U.S., carried out a novel digital pathology lab automation solution for a prominent health care system that is aimed to provide clients a more complete aspect of pathology operations, in that way amending effectiveness and presenting significant savings.

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During October 2015, with the closing of its acquirement of Medworxx Solutions Inc., Aptean reported its entrance into the healthcare sector. Kettering Health Network is intending to assemble a NASA-like command center that authorities say will be the first of its kind. This centre is likely to be more proficiently care for patients as well as get them to the most fitting level of care at all measure of time with the objective of reforming patient flow. TeleTracking Technologies Inc. will furnish Kettering Health with integrated software capable to transfer patients into the system from multiple access points, comprising the operating room, emergency department, transfers from other facilities and direct admissions. The product will streamline and automate progressions of the patient all through their care, all while giving real-time reporting, dashboards and analytics for caregivers and executives. Moreover, in June 2017, Aptean, a foremost global supplier of Mission Critical Enterprise Software Solutions, declared the acquirement of FDM Software that will help and combine make a single source for the better type of public safety solutions for neighboring municipalities and offer them an enhanced consumer experience.

The prominent market players functioning in the worldwide market for patient flow management solution are Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc., Teletracking Technologies, Inc., Mckesson Corporation, Cerner Corporation, Central Logic, Inc., Stanley Healthcare, Medworxx Solutions, Inc., Sonitor Technologies, Inc., Care Logistics LLC, Awarepoint Corporation, Epic Systems Corporation and Intelligent Insites, Inc.

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Global Membrane Cleaning Chemicals Market Revenue to Witness Rapid Growth in the Near Future

The major drivers for the development of the worldwide membrane cleaning chemicals market incorporate rising need for processed water in the end-user sector. In addition, the emphasis on keeping up water treatment systems along with expanding their life in a cost-efficient way is additionally anticipated that would help the worldwide membrane cleaning chemicals market.

The membrane separation innovation has been generally embraced in the enterprises and households for water treatment and water softening because of its cost-efficiency. Membrane separation procedure is additionally gaining popularity in municipalities and industries in wastewater treatment applications all over the world.

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One of the prominent issues which influence the powerful execution of membrane separation innovation is membrane fouling, a methodology in which undesirable solute or components, for example, colloidal impurities, scalants as well as microbes discovered in feed water, are stored onto the membrane pores in addition to membrane surface amid the water treatment procedure that influences the water processing pace and causes slide in the execution of the membrane separation procedure. The membrane fouling may possibly create serious flux weakening as well as an alternation in the nature of the water. Extreme membrane fouling at last direct towards membrane substitution. To guarantee continuous, cost-effective and faster action, the membrane cleaning becomes important that is finished with chemicals, for example, cleaners together with antiscalants.

The membrane cleaning chemicals market on the basis of chemical properties can be segmented under five major segments namely, Disinfectants or Oxidants, Caustic, Surfactants, Acids and Chelating Agents. Among these chemical properties, the caustic chemicals are utilized in solubilization and hydrolysis of membranes, the acids are utilized in the form of solubilizes for membranes. The surfactants are utilized in surface conditioning, dispersion in addition to emulsification of membrane affected by fouling. Thusly, the membrane cleaning chemicals are widely application into cleaners, antiscalants and pre-treatment chemicals.

Among various regional markets, North America is considered to be the biggest market for membrane cleaning chemicals, trailed by the Asia Pacific and Europe. The rising acceptance of membrane separation innovation in wastewater treatment plants in municipalities and industries in North America is considered to be the major cause behind its expansion in this region. The Middle East and Asia Pacific nations are anticipated to foresee the maximum expansion rate as a result of rising requirement of drinking water in addition to forthcoming regulation, for instance, in India the policymakers initiated a clean Ganga project during the year 2014 on wastewater treatment in the region.

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The worldwide market for membrane cleaning chemicals has been foreseeing a twofold digit expansion in the ongoing years. Rising acceptance of membrane separation advancements in nations, for example, India, China, Brazil, the U.S., Middle East, and Australia nations has helped membrane cleaning chemicals market over the years. Rising urbanization and expanding populace in the emerging nations is heightening the demand for drinking water. The wastewater treatment requirement from developing allied industries, for example, paper and pulp, food and beverages (utilizes fresh water in medium consistency pulp bleaching and high consistency pulp bleaching) in addition to electronics (utilizes processed water at different phases of silicon wafer) is fuelling membrane separation technology and thus membrane cleaning chemicals market in the region.

The worldwide market for membrane chemicals is lead by organized market players; on the other hand, the local players are in addition gaining the rising requirement from the end-user industries. A few of the prominent worldwide market players active in the market for membrane cleaning chemicals comprises GE Water and Process Technologies, Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, Ecolab Inc., BWA Water Additives and Kemira Oyj.

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Rapid Increase in End-use Adoption to Boost Industrial Enzymes Market Revenue Growth

The capability to execute particular chemical transformations has made the use and dependence on enzymes more and more in industrial and household processes. They have been substituting the employment of conventional chemicals in the several industries due to the rising environment-related regulations and norms concerning the use of chemicals.

North America has considered being one of the biggest markets for industrial enzymes, trailed by Asia Pacific and Europe because of the rising standardizations and investments by the government to boost biofuel use. The US FDA sanctions the food additives after studying the indicators, for instance, safety and health of the customers. On the other hand, Asia Pacific is anticipated to foresee maximum growth. The international food and beverage market players are believed to invest in the growing markets of India and China are likely to enhance the Asian market for industrial enzymes. Other nations that are experiencing market expansion are Middle East and Brazil nations.

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Progression in the biotechnology, particularly in the sector of protein engineering has introduced new industrial enzymes products in the market. This is fuelling the worldwide industrial enzymes market. Also, increasing requirement in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage sector is likely to fuel the overall industrial enzymes market. With rising disposable income consumers would now be able to manage the cost of costly food products that is additionally anticipated that would boost the demand. The food and beverages processing sector contributes more than a quarter of the shares in the overall application fragment. The developments in the field of different recombinant techniques and process technologies in the previous ten years have enhanced the outcomes through selection of appropriate enzymes, fermentation, increased stability and altered specificity. Such procedures have expanded the utilization of enzymes in the food innovation and a few different segments. The food industry organizations are persistently associated with growing new dairy products, food items and beverages for the buyers. With the advancement of new products in the food and beverage sector, the requirement for industrial enzymes is growing at a positive rate.

Some other aspects driving the market expansion incorporate new enzyme innovations trying to improve cost productivity and efficiencies and developing interest among purchasers in substituting petrochemical products with other natural compounds, for example, enzymes. Other aspects impelling market expansion incorporates increasing demand from animal feed producers, textile manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, detergent manufacturers, cosmetics vendors, and bioethanol producers.

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Improvement of novel and unrivaled performing products and fast progressions in the technology through significant investment in research and development activities would enable industrial enzyme producers to benefit on the huge undiscovered potential in the market. Sectors, for example, bioethanol and pharmaceuticals have would with regards to drawing consideration of the investors and are independent in undertaking novel product advancement exercises along with in propelling new and interesting products in the market, hence offering new prospects to the industrial enzyme makers. On the other hand, sectors, for example, paper and pulp and wastewater treatment chemicals need adequate financing for completing new product advancements. This is hampering the possibilities of industrial enzymes organizations to a substantial degree in addition to variable regulations in different countries. Keeping in mind the end goal to enhance their prospects in different sectots additionally, industrial enzyme producers are progressively utilizing the bioethanol enzyme and pharmaceutical building up technologies for creating other application-particular enzymes.

In February 2018, AB Enzymes opened up a new distribution center and warehouse for consumers in North America situated near Chicago, Illinois. Moreover, in January 2018, the Monsanto’s, BioAg Alliance and Novozymes’ collaboration was made to enhance crop harvests by products containing naturally-occurring microbes. Some of the prominent market players active in the worldwide industrial enzymes market are Codexis Inc., BASF, Amano Enzyme Inc., DSM, ABF PLC, Dupont De Nemours & Co., Dyadic International Inc and AB Enzymes.

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Rapid Advancements in Specialty Fats and Oils Market to Fuel Revenues Through 2026

Research Report Insights (RRI) has published a new market report titled “Specialty fats and oilsmarket by 2025.”According to the report, the specialty fats and oilsmarket is estimated to be US$ $ 38,482.1 Mn in 2017 and is forecast to surpass US$ 57,627.0 Mn by 2025, registering a CAGR of 5.2% between 2017 and 2025.

An exhaustive analysis and geographic assessment demonstrates that the growth of global specialty fats and oils market is attributed to the factors such as, increasing demand for specialty fats and oils in bakery, confectionery, dairy and ice-cream industry. Specialty fats and oils impart unique characteristics to the final food products in a cost effective manner thus, resulting in escalating market revenues in the overall market for specialty fats and oils over the forecast period. Increasing demand for non-partially hydrogenated oil (PHO) due to the growing need of improved functionality and diversity in the product offerings which is further expected to push the manufacturers of food products to incorporate the specialty ingredients in their product offerings.

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The global specialty fats and oils market is segmented on the basis of product type, end use and region. By product type the global specialty fats and oils market is segmented into, specialty oils and specialty fats. Specialty oil product type segment is estimated to account for a value share of 57,627.0 by 2025, thus positioning itself as the largest product type segment in the global specialty fats and oils market. Specialty oils segment is further sub-segmented into, palm oil, soya oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and other oils. Palm oil sub-segment accounted for the highest market share among all oil types. The specialty fats segment is further sub-segmented into, cocoa butter substitutes, lauric fats, creaming fats, anhydrous milk fat, butter, margarine, shortenings and others. By end use the global specialty fats and oils market segment is segmented into, industrial, commercial and household segment. The industrial segment is sub-segmented into, food and beverages industry, personal care and cosmetic industry and other segment. The food and beverages industry segment accounted for the largest revenue share in the global specialty fats and oils market. The segment is forecasted to reach US$ 10,484Mn by 2025 end. The food and beverages segment is further sub-segmented into, bakery, dairy and ice-cream, chocolate and confectionery, breads and cereals and others.

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By region, the global specialty fats and oils market is segmented into, North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa. Asia pacific is the largest market for specialty fats and oils in value and volume terms due to increasing consumption of bakery and confectionery products. Europe accounted for the revenue share of 23.8% in 2016 positioning itself as the second largest markets for specialty fats and oils. Major companies operating in the globalspecialty fats and oils market are Cargill Inc., Wilmar International Limited, Intercontinental Specialty Fats, Puratos Group NV (Coprem Nv), IFFCO Group, 3F GROUP, Musim Mas Group, Fuji Oil USA, Oleo-Fats Inc. (D&L Industries Inc.), De Wit Specialty Oils, Mewah Group,IOI Corporation Berhad, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Bunge Limited, AAK AB, The Hain Celestial Group Inc., Ventura Foods, Apical Group Ltd., Liberty Oil Mills Ltd, Adams Group, PRESCO PLC.

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Global Mobile Phone Protective Cases Market to Witness Significant Revenue Growth Through 2026

Demand for mobile phone protective cases continues to grow steadily in Asia Pacific, as more consumers move from basic mobiles to mid-tier smartphones. The Asia Pacific mobile phone protective case market, valued at nearly US$ 9.9 billion in 2016, is projected to grow at 5.9% CAGR through 2026. China will remain the largest market during the forecast period.

Smartphone penetration is steadily growing in APAC on account of rising disposable income among the behemoth middle class in China and India. Collectively, the middle class in these two countries is estimated to be over 700 million, a lucrative statistic for manufacturers looking to increase volume sales. As more consumers migrate from a basic phone to a smartphone, the tendency to invest in protecting the phone is also gaining traction. Owing to these factors, demand for protective case market in Asia Pacific is witnessing steady gains.

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Protective case sales are also anticipated to be driven by ‘fashion-conscious’ millennials, who use the cover as a style statement. The millennial demographic will continue to drive sales of protective cases during the forecast period.

Although the outlook on the APAC protective case market is positive, lack of standardization has been identified as a major impediment.Undefined standards create high product and price differentiation, hindering the growth of the market.

Multi- and single-brand stores account for bulk of sales of the APAC mobile phone protective case market. These two segments collectively accounted for over 70% revenue share of the market in 2016. However, sales through these channels will witness a significant dip in the future, as e-commerce channels offer tempting discounts and free home delivery to consumers.

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The China mobile phone protective case market was valued at over US$ 5 billion in 2016. It is projected to grow at 6.4% CAGR through 2026, and surpass US$ 9.4 billion in revenues through 2026.

Leading players in the Asia Pacific mobile phone protective case market are Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Reiko Wireless Inc., Pelican Products Inc., and Moshi.

Key players in this market are focusing on a multi-pronged strategy, channelizing their efforts on both value and volume. The protective case portfolio of leading companies involves a range of products across the price spectrum. This strategy is aimed at catering to all the ends of the spectrum. However, several local companies are copying the logo and design of these leading companies and selling off the dummy products at a fraction of the cost. This is eating into the revenue share of leading players. Lax copyright laws and poor implementation will continue to be a concern for leading companies.

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Mobile Ticketing Market Revenue Growth Defined by Heightened Product Innovation

Increasing preference of customers in order to obtain, order, validate and pay for tickets conveniently has led to an upsurge in demand for mobile ticketing market in the coming years. In addition, reduced distribution and production costs related to traditional ticketing channels based on paper will further fuel growth of the market in the coming years. The global mobile ticketing market is expected to witness a 21.3% CAGR growth over the forecast period, 2016-2024.

Market Dynamics
Mobile tickets can be purchased through secure mobile applications, voice calls, via text messages, online and WAP pages. Attributed to convenient simple and new ways to purchase tickets, the global mobile ticketing market is expected to witness 21.3% CAGR growth by the end of 2024. Moreover, trends such a rapid increase in adoption of smartphones has further fuelled demand for mobile ticketing globally.

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Wide adoption of smartphones has positively impacted growth of the global mobile ticketing market, and the trend is likely to continue in the coming years. Additionally, it is convenient to manage booking a ticket without the need to commute to the ticketing counter due to busy lifestyle. Furthermore, companies are witnessed to gradually partner with ticketing agents to develop online portals for customers to easily log in at any place and time for booking tickets online. Such factors are significantly propelling demand for the global mobile ticketing market in the coming years.

However, apart from improper connectivity, lack of awareness among various end users and vendors regarding application of apps in order to access and book tickets through the online portals is likely to inhibit growth of the global mobile ticketing market in the coming years. Moreover, sensitive information regarding banking and personal details can be misused or stolen, which is further restraining growth of the global mobile ticketing market over the years.

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Entertainment tickets among other travel tickets will witness relatively high Y-o-Y growth rate in the span of next four years. Moreover, travel tickets among others will account for revenues worth US$ 285 Mn, witnessing a steady growth in the coming years.

North America and Europe among various regions will witness various smart city projects that have recently been launched and will further include mobile ticketing for the purpose of transportation. Furthermore, Europe will lose its dominance, and emerge as the major market globally for mobile ticketing in the coming years.Whereas, the mobile ticketing market will witness relatively fast CAGR growth of 25.1% in terms of revenue over the coming years.

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Leading companies operating in the global mobile ticketing market include inmodo AB, Masabi Ltd., Gemalto N.V., Margento B.V., Digital Management, Inc., ShowClix Inc., moovel Group GmbH, Rapid Systems, Inc., AEP Ticketing Solutions Srl and Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH.

Global Market for Autologous Stem Cell and Non Stem Cell Based Therapies Market to Offer Lucrative Growth Prospects for Manufacturers

Autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies involve an individual’s cell to be cultured and then re-introduced to the donor’s body. These therapies do not use foreign organism cells and are therefore free from HLA incompatibility, disease transmission, and immune reactions.

Increasing demand for the new therapies in the field of regenerative medicine is directly facilitating the growth of autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies market. Furthermore, since the risk to transplantation surgeries is significantly reduced in these therapies, they are increasingly being preferred for treatment of bone marrow diseases, aplastic anemia, multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Parkinson’s disease, thalassemia, and diabetes. Moreover, rising incidents of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases along with growing geriatric population is another factor attributed for its high growth. However, side-effects of autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies such as nausea, infection, hair loss, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. are expected to affect the market to an extent. High cost is another factor that can act as challenge to autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies market. In spite of this, less risk post transplantation surgeries and favorable tax reimbursement policies are anticipated to reduce the impact of these limitation during the forecast period.

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Autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies market can be segmented on the basis of application, end-user, and region. In terms of application, the autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies market can be segmented into blood pressure (BP) monitoring devices, intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring devices, and pulmonary pressure monitoring devices. In terms of end-user, the market can be segmented into ambulatory surgical center and hospitals. By region, the market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America. Amongst all, Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the most attractive market owing to favorable reimbursement policies in the region.

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The players operating in autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies market are limited. They are consistently involved in research and development activities for product development to keep up with the growing competition, thereby aiding the growth of autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies market across the world. The major players operating in autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies market are Regennex, Antria(Cro), Bioheart, Orgenesis Inc., Virxys corporation , Dendreon Corporation, Tigenix, Georgia Health Sciences University, Neostem Inc, Genesis Biopharma, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Tengion Inc., Fibrocell Science Inc., Opexa Therapeutics Inc, Regeneus Ltd, and Cytori Inc., among others.

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Global Epoprostenol Sodium Drugs Market to Offer Increased Growth Prospects for Manufacturers

Epoprostenol sodium drug is used in human vascular tissue. It is acidic in nature with molecular weight of 374.45 and is used to treat pulmonary hypertension. This drug is also used in clinical research and diagnosis. It belongs to the well-known class of drug called vasodilators which helps in improving tiredness, shortness of breath, and infection.

Epoprostenol sodium drug is used in healthcare sector for blood thinning and thus prevents blood clotting. Its haemodynamic effects are also used to delay the need for transplant surgery. Therefore, its demand has been consistently rising in the healthcare sector thereby facilitating the growth of the market. Apart from this, cost effectiveness is another factor which is driving the growth of this market.

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However, usage of epoprostenol sodium drug have some side-effects like chest pain, headache, bone pain, slow heart-beat rate, muscle pain, stomach pain, anxiety, nausea, jaw pain, hypotension, nervousness, vomiting, and dizziness. Yet, growing need of high quality epoprostenol drug to improve survival and quality of life is expected to reduce the impact of the limitation during the forecast period.

Although, Epoprostenol sodium drug is being preferred in several healthcare applications, it is anticipated to find increased opportunities in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in several countries across the world. In this case, it widens the blood vessels in lungs and lowers the blood pressure.

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Global epoprostenol sodium drugs market can be segmented on the basis of type, product type, application, and region. By type, the epoprostenol sodium drug market can be segmented into purity greater than 98% and purity less than 98%. By type, the epoprostenol sodium drugs market can be segmented into 0.5 mg and 1.5 mg. By application, the epoprostenol sodium drugs market can be segmented into injection and others. On the basis of region, the epoprostenol sodium drugs market can be segmented into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America. Amongst all, Europe is expected to be the most lucrative epoprostenol sodium drug market owing to favorable government initiatives and increasing demand in drug development in the region. In Europe, U.K. and Germany are anticipated to hold a significant market share throughout the forecast period and drie its growth.

Key players operating in the global epoprostenol sodium drugs market include Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Pfizer CentreOne, Inc., Sanofi SA, Ausun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Actelion Pharms Ltd, and Glaxosmithkline Llc, among others.

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