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Increasing Consumer Awareness to Fuel Adoption of Alcohol Breathalyzer and Drug Testing Equipment Market

Alcohol and drug testing equipment are utilized to test inebriation levels stimulated by drug and alcohol consumption. Chromatography instruments, immunoassay analyzers, hair testing devices and oral testing devices, urine testing devices, and breathalyzers are extensively utilized for testing drug and alcohol content in individuals. The worldwide market for alcohol breathalyzer and drug testing equipment is anticipated to increase at a 6.9% CAGR in value terms all through the calculated period 2018-2026. The worldwide market estimated at around US$ 7,300 Million during 2017 that is likely to grow approximately US$ 13,393.3 Million towards the end of 2026.

Market Segmentation

In terms of the equipment, the global market includes infrared (IR) based breathalyzer, semiconductor based breathalyzer, immunoassay analyzers, fuel cell based breathalyzer, oral fluid testing devices, chromatography instruments, hair testing devices and urine testing devices.  The IR based breathalyzer is employed widely, owing to its high level of precision. This category is therefore likely to foresee robust growth over the assessment period. The fuel cell based breathalyzer is likely to continue as the biggest category over the calculated period, reflecting the maximum 7.3% CAGR.

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In terms of the application, the global market includes alcohol detection and drugs detection. The alcohol detection is estimated to record the maximum 6.5% CAGR over the projected period, accounting for a market valuation of close to US$ 10 Billion towards the end of 2026. While rising number of drunk driving instances are likely to fuel the requirement for alcohol detection equipment, it is anticipated that drugs detection category will be highly lucrative in the said period.

In terms of the end-user, the global market includes hospitals, federal departments, private sectors and rehabilitation centres. The federal departments end-user category will be witnessing higher demand, trailed by private sectors. Although revenue generation from the earlier category is estimated to account for in excess of US$ 6 Billion, that from the second will probably succeed US$ 4 Billion towards 2026 end. Although, private sectors category is likely to increase at a faster 7.5% CAGR in the coming years.

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In terms of the region, the global market includes Europe, North America, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. North America is estimated to lead with 52.3% of the overall market share in value terms, by 2018. APAC regional market is anticipated to remain the highest growing market, reflecting a 7.9% CAGR in value terms over the projected period.

Key Market Players

The major companies functional in the global market are

  • Lifeloc Technologies Inc.
  • Lion Laboratories Limited
  • Andatech Pty. Ltd.
  • Intoximeters
  • Quest Products, Inc.
  • BACtrack
  • C4 Development Ltd (Alcovisor)
  • Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA
  • Alere (Abbott.)
  • Others

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Demand Scenario of Vitamin Ingredient Market to Remain Positive Through 2025

In the highly competitive global vitamin ingredient market, most of the market share is held by top five key players together. Those are Amway, Lonza, DuPont, Koninklijke, and BASF. Going forward too, these players are expected to hold on to their leading shares. Further the competition in the market is predicted to heat up in future owing to mergers and acquisitions and partnerships. 

A report published by Research Report Insights (RRI) on the market for vitamin ingredient shows that it would rise at a steady 4.9% CAGR over the course of the forecast period by 2025. At this pace, the market which was valued at US$5.3 bn in 2016, will likely become worth US$8.1 bn by 2025-end.

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Vitamin ingredients find application in formulating processed and packaged food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, and cosmetics. Among them, pharmaceuticals are driving maximum demand at present and over the next few years would continue doing so. From a geographical standpoint, Asia Pacific is expected to rise at a steady 5.4% CAGR over the course of the forecast period owing to its burgeoning population, growing awareness about health among them, and a large number of people suffering from deficiency of vitamins. Others factors serving to promote the market in the region is the growing disposable incomes of people, strengthening healthcare systems, and a solid distribution network.

Rising Health Consciousness among People Drives Market

Overall, the outlook for the vitamin ingredient market looks promising because of the rising tribe of health conscious people who are seriously concerned about their nutritional intake. Advised by doctors or fitness instructors, they are seen supplementing their vitamin uptake. They are aware of the various kinds of vitamins and their health benefits. This is expected to drive sales in the market. Adds the lead analyst of out RRI report, “The shift towards preventive healthcare in order to prevent diseases has led to the surging uptake of vitamin ingredients. This is mainly on account of the rising occurrence of chronic ailments caused resulting from the deficiency of certain vitamins in the body. The growing occurrence of other diseases akin to nutrition-based deficiencies is also positively influencing the market.”

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Natural Vitamin Sources Pose Challenge to Market

Despite steadily growing sales of vitamin ingredients, their market is yet to reach full potential because of the high demand for natural sources of vitamins such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, and fish. Further, increasing uptake of fish oil and other supplements and fortified foods is also dampening demand in the market.

Notwithstanding such setbacks, the market for vitamin ingredients is predicted to soar over the next few years because of the entry of more number of private labels and the ecommerce boom. The latter is providing greater visibility to new products launched by brands who are also banking upon proper descriptions to educate the consumers. Besides, initiatives by governments for promoting intake of vitamins in children and pregnant women and the surging demand for cosmetics infused with vitamins has been catalyzing growth in the market too.

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Rising Demand from Consumers to Push Sales of Bio-MEMS Market

The global bio-microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) market has been projected in a report by Research Report Insights (RRI) to bear a fairly consolidated vendor landscape. Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Baxter International Inc., Becton Dickinson, and Abbott Laboratories have been among the leading companies dominating the vendor landscape of the market. An aggregate share of close to a 45.0% had been secured by the top five players operating in the market. With a view to improve their product portfolio, these players have been taking to continuous research and development and the development of novel products with consistent efforts. In order to stay dominant in the market and gain a larger share, companies could consider strategizing key mergers and acquisitions.

The global bio-MEMS market has been foreseen in the RRI report to grow at a CAGR of 20.9% during the forecast 2024. By 2024, the market could bag a US$3.8 bn, after progressing from a valuation of US$0.6 bn in 2015. In terms of application, cardio-MEMS has been anticipated to collect a lion’s share of 25.8% by the completion of the forecast timeframe. By region, North America could take a leading position in the market while garnering a dominant share of 37.4% by the closure of 2024.

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Increasing Applications of Tissue Engineering Create Ground for More Demand 

Tissue engineering widening its applications in unconventional surgical procedures has been envisaged to create a phenomenal backdrop for the world bio-MEMS market to ride its progress on. Terminally ill patients could be treated with the use of bio-MEMS sensors including topical sensors. These have been predicted to be counted among the two most crucial factors driving growth in the market.

Developed regions such as North America have been forecast to offer scores of positive business prospects in the coming years due to a strong provision of government grants reserved for the development of healthcare infrastructure. While this could be a key element of the market’s success, applications such as cardio-MEMS have been prognosticated to set the tone for a valuable growth in the near future because of their increasing demand. It has been projected that the demand for cardio-MEMS could increase as the prevalence of heart diseases and related health problems continue to see a rise.

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Dependence on Technologically Advanced Medical Infrastructure Deters Growth 

The international bio-MEMS market has been envisioned to witness a slack in growth owing to the requirement of highly sophisticated techniques for fabrication and the complex manufacturing process. The adoption of bio-MEMS has been quite difficult due to unrestrained reliance on technologically sophisticated medical infrastructure. Moreover, MEMS could be unaffordable and expensive to implement for some organizations.

However, the growth trajectory of the international bio-MEMS market has been prophesied to move into a positive direction because of the uptake of microfluidics. Currently, bio-MEMS are widely engaged for diagnostic purposes using microfluidics. Quick detection of bacteria and pathogens and other advantages of bio-MEMS could prove to be extremely vital for market growth. A lead author of the report has noted that the market could find the swelling engagement of bio-MEMS in the biomedical industry quite significant for its growth.

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Global Medical Device Coating Market to Exhibit Increased Demand in the Coming Years

Increasing requirement for medical devices inferable from expanding government consumptions for the development of clinics and hospitals as well as the formation of public health insurance might possibly additionally help industry extension over the years to come. 

Growing requirement for the product as it diminishes erosion between the tissues and devices as well as gives coating homogeneity, surface coverage, and wetting might aid in generating huge market prospects throughout the following nine years. These coatings improve the endurance of the equipment and offer superb thermal stability, dry-film lubricity, and dielectric properties that is probably going to make huge market prospects over the years to come.

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The rising events of ailments alongside growing requirement for hydrophilic lubricious coatings in sheaths, a variety of urology and cardiovascular catheters as well as the short-term implanted device as it instigates biocompatibility might push industry expansion throughout the following nine years. 

Technological progressions, for example, the presentation of fluorinated, spin and silver coatings, utilization of hydroxyapatite as well as micro blasting technique might drive industry development. On the other hand, increasing expense of healthcare service devices, unpredictable raw material costs in addition to strict government controls is anticipated to impede industry growth. 

Rising utilization of the product in different parts comprising chipsets, hard disks, graphics cards, and CPU might aid in expanding the industry estimate. Changing lifestyle, rising income in addition to rapid urbanization will additionally increase industry growth. The developing use of these devices on the basis of rising geriatric populace in addition to unhealthy dietary propensities combined with a sedentary way of life is considered to expand the incidences of cardiovascular sicknesses. Moreover, favorable government policies comprising the increasing healthcare spending and reimbursement coverage will boost the market growth of medical device coating over the years to come. Persistent advancement in the medical devices is foreseen to aid in market expansion significantly in the approaching years.

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Among the foremost regions, the North America regional market is considered to be one of the most attractive markets, went after by APAC and Europe. In which, the U.S. single-handedly is considered to be the most popular in the overall market. In contrast, the APAC regional market is awaited to see a noteworthy development over the years to come. Emergent India and China markets are liable to develop the Asian market for medical device coating.

During January 2014, DSM commenced its medical device coating service plant in the U.S. for ComfortCoat hydrophilic lubricious coatings for medical device geometries and component sizes. During January 2012, the organization joined forces with EPflex to establish a fresh set of guidewires to extend its product portfolio.

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Increasing Consumer Adoption to Fuel Demand for Motorcycle Accessories Market

Enhanced economic standpoint all over the globe came about into significant increment in buying the power of customers in recent years. Subsequently, a few industry verticals detailed an expansion in the general requirement for separate products and automotive sector is the same. On the other hand, various trends in sales announced all over the sub-sectors within the automotive segment, yet motorcycle sales have dependably stayed remarkable, especially in high prospective markets. Expansion in the worldwide motorcycle market ensured the expansion of associated sectors, for example, motorcycle accessories and component. The motorcycle accessories, aside from expanding aesthetic appeal, likewise guarantee better execution, security, and safety. 

Unending development in motorcycle sales combined with new variations of motorcycle presented by makers catalyzed the expansion of motorcycle accessories market. The growth of American and European cruiser makers in developing markets likewise added to the requirement for motorcycle accessories. Technology progression prompted more extensive reception of accessories all over target consumer base.

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Strict regulations with respect to emission of dangerous gases, decrease activities consented by different governments all over the globe and presentation of new BS IV motors will improve the sales of customary motorcycles and straightforwardly impel the requirement for motorcycle accessories. 

Expanding customer’s requirement for the bike is one of the aspect fuelling the requirement for motorcycle accessories. In addition, improvement of financially savvy combustible engines alongside expanding prevalence of motorcycles amid young people is considered to help boost sales of motorcycle accessories all over the world. Overall sales of the motorcycle in the emerged in addition to emerging nations is anticipated to increase the requirement for motorcycle accessories over the years to follow. With more producers concentrating on product and technology development, the requirement for motorcycle accessories is considered to exhibit a promising future in the recent years to come. Purchaser’s inclination for reseller’s exchange or aftermarket can impact the sales for OEM’s (Original Equipment Market), as is one of the huge challenges for the expansion of the motorcycle accessories market.

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Detecting the vigorously changing trends in the market for motorcycle accessories, foremost market players are consistently centering on improvements in the most looked for after products, for example, horns, lighting, and crash protection. The market is considered to witness more revenues from crash protection in contrast to lightings. Popularity for crash protection motorcycle accessories hinges upon the flaps of government and makers’ endeavors to abridge frequency of on-street collisions, wherein motorcyclists are at a moderately more serious risk. 

In every 10 motorcycle accessories, each 8 are sold to regular motorcycle owners. With price being the essential concern amid customers all around the world, especially in emerging countries, buys of sports in addition to cruiser motorcycle accessories are bounded to wealthy buyers. The mainstream motorcycle owners are in this manner the objective buyer base for makers of motorcycle accessories in addition to motorcycles alike. In 2018, the sales of motorcycle accessories for the mainstream motorcycle is anticipated to surpass 400,000 thousand units. This figure is considered to remain significantly advanced than sales for sports, cruiser, as well as off-road motorcycles, joined.

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Increasing and intense competition has endured as a usual scenario ascertained in the motorcycle accessories amid sales channels in the approaching years. Competitive pressure amongst specialized, online and independent stores have moreover been aggravated, in which independent stores at present are gaining popularity in the motorcycle accessories market. A few of the foremost players active into the worldwide motorcycle accessories market are Bajaj Auto Limited, Akropovic, Suzuki, KTM Company, Honda Motor Company Limited, Loncin MotorcycleHero Motocorp Limited, Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A and Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Company Limited

Rising Adoption of Geosynthetics Market to Fuel Revenue Growth Through 2025

The worldwide market for geosynthetics is believed to be for the most part fueled by the gigantic undertakings embraced by a few national governments with the end goal to improve civic amenities. The utilization of geosynthetics has expanded hugely in the transportation industry as well as is probably going to develop over the approaching years. Geosynthetics give steadiness and solidarity to the underlying soil in the railroad in addition to roadway tracks. The requirement for geosynthetics is probably going to develop for industrial waste, harmful waste and secure dumping of normal waste. Geosynthetics are utilized in different applications, for example, mining, waste management as well as erosion control among others. The significant prospects for geosynthetics are from emerged and rising nations where environmental and huge infrastructure projects are undertaken. Notwithstanding, unpredictable raw material costs might impede the development of the market as the majority of these materials are downstream results of petrochemicals. 

Geosynthetics industry utilization incorporates construction, costal engineering, environmental and civil applications because of properties, for example, erosion control, soil reinforcement, filtration, and separation. The product is relied upon to foresee increasing requirement in waste water treatment and landfills as a result of developing awareness with respect to environmental protection.

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Geosynthetics were significantly utilized in pavements and roads, representing more than 30% of worldwide volume during 2014. Expanding geotechnical materials utilized for encouraging the procedure of soil compression in street development is relied upon to fuel the business development throughout the following years. Control and waste water are relied upon to foresee the quickest development over the years. Expanding geosynthetic usage in load draining procedure amid mining for leak detection and liquid containment is required to have a good effect. 

During January 2012, the U.S. established MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment) reported new directions for sediment and erosion control. Furthermore, EPA has reported approaches expected for controlling sedimentation as well as soil erosion. Strict regulatings in the U.S. implied for curbing soil disintegration at the residential level are probably going to grow application of geosynthetics over the approaching years.

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On the basis of demand, the Asia Pacific regional market was considered as the foremost leading and lucrative region for geosynthetics. The requirement is immense as a result of huge investments in the projects related to waste management and civil transportation. Positive mining business outlook in Chile, South Africa, Australia as well as China is anticipated to privilege the market expansion. China is considered to be the most lucrative and attractive regional market for geosynthetics in the Asia Pacific region. Nations, for instance, Malaysia, South Korea, and India are considered to expand their market as a result of large infrastructure projects. The North America regional market is believed to for the APAC market in worldwide geosynthetics market. On the other hand, the European nations had lesser market attractiveness in contrast to North America and the Asia Pacific nevertheless; the circumstances are believed to vary as a result of rising figure of waste management projects. 

A few of the foremost market participants in the worldwide geosynthetics market are GSE Environmental, Propex Global, Low & Bonar PLC, Agru America, and FiberWeb PLC amid others. During May 2014, the GSE Environmental Inc introduced a fresh production facility in Suzhou, China. This production facility has a yearly manufacturing capacity of 20,000 metric tons of GSE product contributions. The growth of manufacturing capability in Asia Pacific regional market in addition to latest product developments are believed to stay put critical success aspect for the producers over the years to come.

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Global Automotive Wire and Cable Materials Market to Exhibit Increased Demand in the Coming Years

In revenues, the global automotive wire and cable materials market had reached nearly US$ 4 Bn, witnessing expansion at single digit revenue CAGR in 2016. Rising emphasis on vehicle maintenance and safety as well as growing installation of navigation and infotainment system are some key factors supporting growth of the market. Steady sales of vehicles is likely to continue to serve the market well, particularly in Asia Pacific, where India and China are likely to witness huge demand.

While growth of the market was remained stable over 2016, developing trends will maintain to play an important role in positively influencing the market. Developments in hybrid and connected vehicles as well as substitution of copper with aluminium are anticipated to impact manufacturing procedures over the forecast period (2016-2026). The global automotive wire and cable materials market is anticipated to expand at 6.3% CAGR by 2026

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Segmentation Based on Material Type

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is likely to continue to be the most prominent material for manufacturing automotive cables and wires. In revenues, this segment accounted for US$ 2 Bn in 2016 with y-o-y growth of 5.6% over 2015. Polypropylene (PP) segment based on material type is the second largest segment witnessed expansion at single digit CAGR in 2016.

Segmentation on Basis of Vehicle Type

In terms of vehicle type, passenger cars is likely to remain the largest segment. Improvement of rapid transit routes and growing adoption of hybrid power trains are likely to generate opportunities in heavy commercial and light commercial vehicles segment. The Light commercial vehicles segment had secured nearly US$ 1 Bn in terms of revenues in 2016, with a y-o-y growth rate of 4.7% over 2015.

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Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) is emerging as the largest market for automotive wire and cable materials and status quo is likely to remain so over the forecast period. The resurgent automotive sector in the region is likely to support growth of automotive wire and cable material market in APEJ. Rising emphasis on functionality and safety as well as implementation of vehicle safety protocols is likely to positively affect demand for such automotive products. The APEJ automotive wire and cable market reached over US$ 2 Bn in revenues with expansion at single digit value CAGR in 2016. Other key markets for automotive wire and cable material are Western Europe and North America exhibited significant growth in 2016.

Various Leading Market Players

Sumitomo Corporation, Coficab Tunisie SA and Leoni AG are top 3 prominent players in the market. The 3 players mutually generated nearly two-fourth of market share in terms of revenue in 2015. Moreover, Allied Wire and Cable Inc., Coroplast Fritz Muller GmbH & C. KG, marquee players, Draka Holdings B.V., Yazaki Corporation, Lear Corporation, and Delphi Automotive PLC are some leading players operating in the market.

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Lavender Oil Market to Witness Heightened Revenue Growth in the Next Decade

Attributed to its qualities and various health-related benefits, customers in various developing and developed countries increasingly prefer lavender oil derived from natural plants. In addition, increasing use of lavender extracts in parallel to oil and essence in a range of products that are related to food and beverages have witnessed an increase significantly. The global lavender oil market is expected to reflect a growth of 6.2% CAGR over the forecast period, 2016-2024.

Market Dynamics
Surge in use of lavender oil in application of various food and beverages related products will fuel growth of the global lavender oil market in the coming years. In addition, lavender oil will witness a surge in demand in the application of therapeutics in the span of next nine years. Furthermore, attributed to anti-fungal and antibacterial solutions, use of lavender oil helps in heal wounds, sunburns, counter insomnia and other ailments. 
In contrast to factors driving growth of the global market, market player in the lavender oil market globally are mainly focusing on introducing new products related to lavender oil. Additionally, growth of enhanced methods of product formulations, particularly for products related to personal care will further fuel growth of the global lavender oil market over the coming years.

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Segmentation Analysis
Personal care products among various applications will witness a relatively high demand in span of next nine years. In addition, products related to personal care is likely to account for around US$ 45.1 Mn to the lavender oil market globally over the coming years. Moreover, absolutes and concentrates of lavender oil is likely towitness an upsurge in demand, with the increasing preference of customers towards relatively high quality and high purity single oils over the coming years.

Regional Analysis
Europe will represent a leading market for lavender oil in the span of next nine years. Whereas, due to leading suppliers and manufacturers of lavender oil, North America will witness a stable growth in the span of next ten years. APAC will further witness growth in demand for products related to lavender oil in developing countries such as India and China over the coming years.

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Market Players
Leading players operating in the lavender oil marketglobally include Young Living Essential Oils LC, doTERRA International, LLC, International Flavors and Fragrances Inc., Takasago International corporation, Symrise AG, Aromaland Inc., Firmenich S A, Givaudan SA, China Flavors and Fragrances Company Limited, and Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Major market players are mainly focusing on strengthening their position in the market through strategic alliances and technological advancements in order to enhance product line. 

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