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Polymeric Sand Market to increase at a CAGR of 7.6% through 2028

Polymeric sand sales closed in on approximately 84 thousand tons in 2018, according to a new research study of Future Market Insights (FMI). Growth of the polymer sand market is influenced by a wide range of factors including focus of key players on high-quality product offerings with long term warranty, and increasing preference for customized products among end-users. 

Significant resurgence in the construction industry in recent years can be backed by the fact that, construction materials manufacturers have been increasingly adopting the Business Information Modelling (BIM) to expand their customer base and increase sales. Key players in the polymeric sand market have been focusing on capitalizing the opportunities in online retail. Polymeric sand manufacturers have been strengthening their visibility in online channels, such as Amazon, in line with search of end-users for established suppliers who have robust e-commerce interface. 

Spending in the construction industry spurred in tandem with increasing GHDI of consumers worldwide, which has created potential opportunities for the market players to benefit from. This has further led the leading polymeric sand market players to concentrate on assessment of building trends that result from consumer sentiments in regional markets with growth potential. These players are entering into tie-ups with government entities and building contractors as a long-term sales growth strategy. 

Providing customer requirement-specific products at competitive prices, considering the economic tier and purchasing power of the customer base, continue to remain one of primary objectives of the players in the polymeric sand market. Additionally, efforts of the players toward product and brand endorsements for creating awareness on the benefits of polymeric sand among the targeted customers, continues to significantly underpin the market growth. 

Demand Remains Robust for Footpath Construction, Sales in Patios to Gain Fast Traction

Footpath construction has traditionally been the most lucrative application of polymeric sand, however sales in forming patios have gained significant momentum in recent years. The report opines that gains from polymeric sand sales in patio construction are expected to remain competent compared to those from footpaths in 2019, currently accounting for approximately 23% and 25% market share respectively. 

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As the focus of homeowners on expanding their residential areas into outdoors that feature covered patios, media centers, and kitchens, demand for polymeric sand to build patios continues on an upward spiral. According to the report, nearly 50% of houses have patios in the US alone. Additionally, several homeowners prefer larger patios over basic plan outlines, and those facing budget stringency eye plumbing & wiring activities for outdoor kitchens and other amenities. 

Residential Sector to Hold Majority Share in Polymeric Sand Market

The report states that residential end users hold nearly half volume share of the polymeric sand market, representing the volume of over 35 thousand tons in 2018. Resurgent growth of the housing industry and renovation activities by homeowners in the recent past allude growing demand for various construction materials and consumables, which has been indirectly influencing demand for polymeric sand. The advent of polymeric sand has offset the challenges associated with washout owing to lack of binders in sand, while preventing the growth of weeds, ant hills, and grass as a consequence. 

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According to the study, gains will also remain strong from the commercial sector, wherein sales are partly driven by large-scale infrastructure development projects worldwide, particularly in developing economies of the Asia-Pacific. Another key factor influencing sales of polymeric sand in the commercial sector is increased focus of governments on strengthening their energy infrastructure, and investing in the development of transit facilities. 

Powdered Cellulose Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2029

Market Outlook:

Cellulose is a refined white and odor-free powder. Cellulose comes in different forms with unique use. The forms of cellulose include first is microcrystalline cellulose which is also known as MCC or cellulose gel, second is carboxymethyl cellulose or cellulose gum, third is cellulose powder. Each type of cellulose gives a different texture to food items from gluey to liquid form. Cellulose powder is soluble in water and in different liquids. Powder cellulose is developed by cooking raw plant fiber normally wood in multiple chemicals to segregate the cellulose from chemicals and purified it. Powdered cellulose is used in food& beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and multiple other industries whose demand is increasing so powdered cellulose market will also grow rapidly. The Food and Drug Administration has decided the limit for usage of cellulose in cheese spread and jams.  Previously the powdered cellulose market concentration was low but as demand for food, cosmetics, medicines is increasing so a large number of players are participating in this industry. With surging demand and a growing number of manufacturers across the globe, powdered cellulose market is heading towards a more competitive level. To sustain in the powdered cellulose market major manufacturers are introducing new products on a regular basis with competitive price against their competitor.

Use of powdered cellulose in multiple domains with wide market increasing the demand of the powdered cellulose

 Powdered cellulose gives multiple benefits to its customers. Powdered cellulose is used as a texturizer, it helps food product to preserve its texture not falling apart or in worse case looking different than it is expected to look like. There is an increase in awareness about healthy food and the importance of exercise, the number of health-conscious people is also increasing so the demand for powdered cellulose is increasing. Because powdered cellulose is useful as fiber supplements, it is added in food which will provide great the amount of fiber without affecting its flavor as well as it easily mixes with water so powdered cellulose adds in energy and protein drinks. Powdered cellulose is useful as calorie reducer because it is famous as a bulking agent in diet food, so people feel full without eating many calories.  As demand for healthy diet food and protein shakes is increasing so powdered cellulose market is also growing rapidly. Powdered cellulose is also used in pet food applications.

Powdered cellulose is used in pharmaceuticals in the formation of tablets, capsule, and syrups, so demand for medicines increasing so it is boosting the growth of powdered cellulose market. It is helpful in managing cholesterol level and blood pressure. Powdered cellulose is used in cosmetics as well as skin care products as adsorbent and thickening agent. It is used in the food industry like bakery products like cookies, biscuits, cakes, and, also useful in fluids and dairy products. Powdered cellulose is useful in many industries like welding electrode, paper, filter aid, construction, textile, oil well drilling, paint, adhesive, detergent, rubber, toothpaste, encapsulation, Herbicides and Insecticides, plywood, ceramics, leather, pencil,  tobacco, enzymes and explosive industry. Powdered cellulose is used in multiple domains and industries so the growth rate and demand for powdered cellulose market will increase rapidly in the forecasted period. But powdered cellulose industry import and export rate is not great as substitute products are available in the market but powdered cellulose is not costly so all the industries prefer to use powdered cellulose.

Powdered Cellulose Market: Regional Analysis:

The leading regions in the powdered cellulose market are Europe, U.S, India, China & Japan. Europe will dominate the powdered cellulose market in the forecasted period. In Asia-Pacific, increasing population and improving financial condition is boosting the use of cosmetics and skin products which will automatically increase the demand for powdered cellulose market. The powdered cellulose used in food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and multiple other industries which will increase the demand for powdered cellulose all over the globe.

Powdered Cellulose Market Segmentation:

On the basis of product type, the powdered cellulose market has been segmented as:

  • Food Grade
  • Medicine Grade
  • Industrial Grade

On the basis of product end use, the powdered cellulose market has been segmented as:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Welding Electrode Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Bakery and Dairy Industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Plywood Industry
  • Paint Industry
  • Leather Industry
  • Tobacco Industry

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Powdered Cellulose Market: Key Participants

  • JRS
  • CFF
  • IFC
  • Juku Orchem Private
  • JELU-WERK J.Ehrler
  • Ankit Pulps & Boards
  • NB Entrepreneurs
  • Plant & Equipment Pvt Ltd.
  • Nippon Paper Industries
  • Suhal Cellulose LLP
  • Spechem cellulose Pvt Ltd

Epoxy Curing Agents Market 2028 – Top Industry Players as – BASF SE, EVONIK INDUSTRIES AG, ADITYA BIRLA CORPORATION

The global revenue through sales of epoxy curing agents currently values near US$ 2.5 Bn and is slated to double the growth at a CAGR of 5% over 2018-2028. Over the next decade, the global epoxy curing agents market is expected to exceed the revenue worth US$ 4 Bn and experience a moderate pace in terms of growth.

Persistent Demand from End-users Coupled with Innovations to Boost Consumption

Soaring demand for epoxy resins by manufacturers of electrical laminates is identified to be a key factor fueling the market growth over the assessment period. Moreover, stringent regulatory norms set for the use of lightweight materials in automotive as well as aerospace industries will continue to hold a substantial impact on the market performance in upcoming years. The global market for epoxy curing agents will reportedly witness bolstering use of bio-based curing agents and development of an innovative range of low-temperature, low-curing time epoxy curing agents in near future.

Epoxy curing agents tend to release certain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which compels manufacturers to concentrate on developing eco-friendly curing agents that are ideal for the ‘Level of Prominence’ coating applications. The market is thus witnessing a boost in the demand for water-based agents worldwide. One of the most prominent factors driving the growth of epoxy curing agents market includes substantial demand for printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the manufacturing of an exhaustive range of electronic products such as smartphones, mobile devices, machinery, automotive electronics, and other consumer electronics.

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Amines & Polyamines Lead by Product Type, China to Spearhead Global Market by Region

Amines and polyamines are anticipated to dominate in terms of product type, whereas China is foreseen to be the leading regional market for epoxy curing agents. Amines and polyamines segment, though has more than 48% share of the current global market revenue, is expected to lose its market share to a more popularly thriving segment, i.e. amides and polyamides. Although the amines and polyamines segment is anticipated to witness a CAGR value of more than 5% over 2018-2028, it is facing stringent regulatory norms regarding VOC emissions, eventually resulting in a falling market value share.

Revenues from Applications in Coatings to Expand 1.6X over 2018-2028, Composites Identified to Witness Attractive Opportunities

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Key Player Insights

The relatively consolidated competitive landscape of the global epoxy curing agents market is operated by a number of key companies, a few of which include BASF SE, Evonik Industries AG, Aditya Birla Corporation, Olin Corporation, Gabriel Performance Products, Toray Fine Chemicals, Hexion Inc., Showa Denko KK, and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Besides the dominant players such as Huntsman Corporation, Olin Corporation, and Evonik Industries AG, the global marketplace is also benefiting from crucial contribution by several regional as well as local companies.

Ethylhexyl Palmitate Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2029

Ethylhexyl Palmitate Market Outlook:

Ethylhexyl palmitate is obtained from palm oil lipid, and is used as an organic replacement to silicone. It is also known as octyl palmitate. It is a mild and smoothing ester. It is used in multiple skin products as an ingredient to maintain the thickness of the final product. Ethylhexyl palmitate is used in cosmetic formulations as a shining agent, smoothing agent, and moisturizing agent. 

The increasing demand for anti-aging creams, baby oil, moisturizing creams, and various other skin-care products is expected to result in the rapid growth of the ethylhexyl palmitate market during the forecast period. A large number of players are participating in this industry. With the surging demand and growth in the number of manufacturers across the globe, the ethylhexyl palmitate market is heading towards a more competitive level.

Market growth due to awareness about health, physical appearance, and personal hygiene

Increase in the demand for cosmetic products globally is a major factor driving the ethylhexyl palmitate market. Ethylhexyl palmitate is used in all beauty products as a primary ingredient for making cosmetics. Ethylhexyl palmitate is used in several products such as antiaging creams, baby oil, eye treatment products, bath salts & soaks, facial moisturizers, hair removal wax, foot moisturizers, general skin care, sunscreens, and women’s depilatories. Some of the other factors responsible for the growth of the ethylhexyl palmitate market include increase in awareness regarding the multiple benefits of these beauty products, increasing number health-conscious consumers, and growing interest in personal hygiene & physical appearance.

Increasing urbanization is also an important factor boosting the ethylhexyl palmitate market. Consumers using cosmetic products are likely to suffer from adverse reactions, allergies, infections, etc. Hence, people nowadays prefer organic, natural, and herbal products. The usage of ethylhexyl palmitate in cosmetics is totally safe, as it does not cause any reactions or infections. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) concluded that ethylhexyl palmitate can be used as a safe cosmetic ingredient. As it is a natural and safe ingredient, the demand for ethylhexyl palmitate is rising. 

Other major factors driving the ethylhexyl palmitate market are changing lifestyle, peer pressure for opting for new and innovative beauty products & cosmetics, air pollution, changing climate conditions, and rising & dipping temperatures in various developed and developing countries across the globe. Improving economic conditions in developing countries is another factor boosting the ethylhexyl palmitate market. American and European companies can enter the Asia Pacific market as several skin products and cosmetics are not available in the Asia Pacific countries. Moreover, attractive packaging is another factor that is increasing the demand for ethylhexyl palmitate.

In addition, the availability of advanced beauty treatments is a threat to the ethylhexyl palmitate market, as it is likely to reduce the interest of customers in ethylhexyl palmitate-based products.

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Ethylhexyl Palmitate Market Segmentation:

The ethylhexyl palmitate market can be segmented on the basis of product origin, end use, property, and packaging.

On the basis of product origin, the ethylhexyl palmitate market can be segmented as:

  • Plant
  • Animal

On the basis of product end use, the ethylhexyl palmitate market can be segmented as:

  • Anti-aging creams
  • Baby Oil
  • Bath Salts and Soaks
  • Eye Treatment Products
  • Facial Moisturizers
  • Hair Removal Waxes
  • Foot Moisturizers
  • General Skin Care
  • Sunscreens
  • Women’s Depilatories

On the basis of product packaging, the ethylhexyl palmitate market can be segmented as:

  • Drum
  • Pail

Ethylhexyl palmitate Market: Regional Analysis

North America and Europe are developing as well as using advanced technology for the production of cosmetics. They are launching innovative and new cosmetic products often, hence, the demand for ethylhexyl palmitate in the North America and Europe regions is growing rapidly, as it is an important ingredient in cosmetic production. Moreover, there has been a shift in the preference of consumers toward herbal, organic, and natural products, especially in the U.S and European countries, because they suffer from allergies and infections due to the use of chemical ingredients in skin care products. The demand for cosmetics is growing rapidly in the Asian Pacific countries because of online shopping as well as increasing economic conditions & increasing urbanization. Moreover, the demand for ethylhexyl palmitate is on the rise in countries of the Asia Pacific region, especially Japan, India, and China.

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Ethylhexyl Palmitate Market: Key Participants

Some of the key participants of the global ethylhexyl palmitate market are:

  • BOC Sciences
  • Bruchem, Inc.
  • Trivent Chemicals
  • Esters and solvents LLP
  • Universal Preserve-A-Chem Inc.
  • Making Cosmetics
  • Acme Hardesty
  • Parchem
  • Esters and Solvents LLP
  • Qingzhou Ailitong Chemicals Co, Ltd.
  • Shanghai Smart Chemicals Co. Ltd.
  • Hanianzhongxin Chemicals Co, Ltd.

Significant Growth Foreseen by Croscarmellose Sodium Market During 2029

Croscarmellose Sodium Market Outlook

Croscarmellose sodium is a modified sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and is also known as cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose or modified cellulose gum. Croscarmellose sodium is a grayish white or white powder and has no odor. Croscarmellose sodium is used as a disintegrant in the pharmaceutical formulation and provides long term stability. It is used in the formulation of pharmaceutical tablets, pellets, and capsules which are manufactured by dry granulation, wet granulation or by direct compression. Croscarmellose sodium is an insoluble and hydrophilic polymer which aids in the dissolution of the dietary supplements and pharmaceutical tablets, granules, and capsules. Croscarmellose sodium is used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, textile, etc.

Surge in the Food Processing Industry is estimated to Increase the Demand for Croscarmellose Sodium

The demand for pharmaceutical products is increasing due to the increase in the prevalence of various diseases and disorders such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, cancer, etc. Thus, the growth of the pharmaceutical industry is anticipated to have a positive impact on the croscarmellose sodium market. Croscarmellose sodium is used in the formulation of various medicinal tablets, capsules, etc., and it provides various advantages such as it helps in fast dissolution and disintegration, offers good mixing properties and flowability, increases the stability of the formulation, etc. Thus, croscarmellose sodium can be used as a binder in various medicinal preparations. Therefore, the demand for pharmaceutical products is anticipated to increase the sales of croscarmellose sodium.

Croscarmellose sodium is used in the food industry as an emulsifier. It is used to form a uniform mixture between the various ingredients that are present in the food products. It is used in the preparation of products such as bakery goods, breakfast cereals, dairy products, ice-creams, etc. The increasing demand for processed food products is expected to boost the croscarmellose sodium market. The preference for convenience, hectic lifestyle, increase in disposable income, etc. are some of the drivers that have increased the demand for processed food products. Croscarmellose sodium can be used in the preparation of the processed food products to improve the texture, taste, and quality of the products. It enables proper mixing of the different ingredients and helps in maintaining the product consistency.

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The presence of various other disintegrants and emulsifiers are anticipated to hinder the growth of croscarmellose sodium market. There are other disintegrants such as sodium starch glycolate, crospovidone, etc. that are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation of capsules, pellets, etc. Also, there are various emulsifiers such as monoglycerides and its derivatives, lecithin, calcium stearoyl di lactylate, etc. that are available in the market. The presence of alternative products with its own unique characteristics, less cost price, etc. are estimated to have a negative impact on the croscarmellose sodium market.

Croscarmellose Sodium Market Segmentation

The Croscarmellose Sodium market can be segmented on the basis of source, and end-use:

On the basis of source, the Croscarmellose Sodium market can be segmented as:

  • Cotton
  • Wood Pulp

On the basis of end-use, the Croscarmellose Sodium market can be segmented as:

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Dietary Supplement Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Nutraceutical Industry
  • Others (e.g., Personal Care and Cosmetic Industry, Textile Industry etc.)

Croscarmellose Sodium Market: Regional Analysis

The demand for croscarmellose sodium is estimated to grow at a high rate in the Asia Pacific region. India is one of the largest producers of generic drugs and contributes a significant market share in the pharmaceutical sector. The government of India is taking initiatives to build new pharma parks and to develop online pharmacies to enable easy supply of pharmaceutical products. Thus, the demand for croscarmellose sodium is anticipated to increase in India. Therefore, the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in the Asia Pacific region is expected to increase the sales of croscarmellose sodium.

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Croscarmellose Sodium Market: Key Participants

Some of the market participants in the croscarmellose sodium market are:

  • I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
  • JRS Pharma LP
  • Mingtai Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • DFE Pharma
  • Blanver EN
  • Maple Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
  • NB Entrepreneurs
  • Ashland Inc.
  • FMC Corporation
  • Roquette Frères
  • Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp.

Industrial Cleaners Market growing at a CAGR of 5.2% through 2028

Recovery of Oil & Gas Prices Coupled with Growth in End Use Industries to Propel Demand for Industrial Cleaners

Industrial Cleaners Market: Introduction

Industrial cleaners are specialized chemicals used in various cleaning applications across different manufacturing industries. They are used in cleaning all kinds of equipment and machinery used in manufacturing processes. On the basis of function, industrial cleaners can be classified as surfactants, acidic cleaners, optical effect products, degreasers, disinfectants, de-foaming agents, deodorizers and other refinery specific cleaners. Attributing to their various functions and applications, industrial cleaners are widely used across different industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical, food & beverage, chemical, sugar, textile and other manufacturing industries.

The global industrial cleaners market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% between 2018 and 2028, reaching a market value of US$ 32.45 Bn by the end of the forecast period. Growth in various manufacturing industries is expected to drive the growth of the industrial cleaners market during the forecast period.

Industrial Cleaners Market Analysis by Product Type

In terms of product type, the degreasers segment is expected to remain prominent in the global industrial cleaners market, and account for approximately a 35.9% share by 2018 end. The segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% between 2018 and 2028. The demand for degreasers is expected to increase and remain prevalent as compared to that for other industrial cleaners, due to the diverse applications of degreasers in numerous end-use industries. Degreasers are commonly used in machinery and equipment with moving parts to remove grease and clean the surface from other impurities.

Industrial Cleaners Market Analysis by End-Use Industry

On the basis of end-use industry, other manufacturing and oil & gas industries are expected to be the prominent segments in the industrial cleaners market, due to the presence of a large number of manufacturing industries. Recovery of oil & gas prices has been contributing towards the growth of the oil & gas industry, which is driving the demand for industrial cleaners in this segment. The other manufacturing segment covers various other consumer goods, automobile and other manufacturing industries, which are witnessing exponential growth, due to the increase in urban population and industrialization across growing economies.

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Industrial Cleaners Market Analysis by Region

From a regional standpoint, China is pegged to be a prominent region in the industrial cleaners market, in terms of market growth. The ever-growing Chinese economy, coupled with the growing number of manufacturing industries in the region, is expected to contribute towards the increasing demand for industrial cleaners. South East Asia & Pacific and India are also expected to drive the industrial cleaners market over the forecast period. In terms of market share, North America is expected to be a prominent industrial cleaners market, due to the presence of a large number of industries in the region.

Industrial Cleaners Market Structure                                             

The global Industrial cleaners market is highly fragmented due to the presence of a large number of global and domestic players across various regions. The tier-I players account for approximately 25-27% of the global industrial cleaners market, while other global and domestic players account for the remaining 73-75% of the market share. Some of the global players in the industrial cleaners market are BASF SE, Croda International plc, Huntsman Corporation, Solvay S.A., The Dow Chemical Company, Evonik Industries AG, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, Akzo Nobel N.V., Clariant, Ecolab, 3M Company, Stepan Company, Quaker Chemical Corporation, Kao Chemicals GmbH, Neos Company Limited and WVT Industries.

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Cardiac Reader System Market to register high revenue growth at 5% CAGR during 2019 – 2027

Estimated to witness a healthy Y-o-Y increase in revenue by more than 5% over 2018, the global cardiac reader system sales will close in on US$ 1,500 Mn in 2019. As depicted in a new research study of Future Market Insights (FMI), benchtop analyzers continue to account for over 80% of overall sales of cardiac reader systems. Although the compact analyzer modularity is seemingly gaining ground, recently, owing to the convenience of usage, it is highly likely that the sales of benchtop variants will remain on a higher side over the coming years.

More than 40% of the overall demand for cardiac reader systems is catered by enzyme immunoassay analyzers, according to FMI’s findings. The next high-selling types of cardiac reader systems, chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers and magnetic immuno-chromatographic assay analyzers, hold a significant revenue share of over 45% in the global cardiac reader system sales.

Prominent adoption of cardiac reader systems will prevail at hospitals and clinics. As revealed by FMI’s analysis, diagnostics continue to gather momentum, and thus laboratories are highly likely to develop lucrative potential in terms of adoption of cardiac reader systems. By the end of 2019, more than 1/4th of the overall cardiac reader system sales will be accounted by laboratories.

Troponin Remains Preferred Biomarker

In around 2/5th of the cardiac reader systems sold, globally, troponin is the sought-after type of marker. According to the report, creatine kinase will also demonstrate high growth potential over other marker types in the cardiac reader system market. Troponin is highly sensitive and specific-in-action, which impart it superior diagnostic abilities over other conventional biomarkers. Except for highly sensitive cardiac injury, troponin barely shows false positive tests for the diagnosis of heart attack, angina pectoris, and myocardial infarction.

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In line with the mounting demand for high-accuracy, time-efficient, and effective diagnostic outcomes, manufacturers of cardiac reader systems are focused on augmenting their R&D investments. According to the report, increase in R&D efforts will create a plethora of new growth opportunities for the cardiac reader system market. In addition, the notable increase in funds from PPPs (public-private partnerships) for R&D of novel cardiac biomarkers is cited as an important booster for demand growth of cardiac reader system.

Developing Markets Observing Hike in Sales

Demand for cardiac reader system in developed regional markets account for over half of the global demand, according to the study. Although the demand remains strong in the US, and thereby in North American region, the report envisages stronger growth prospects for the cardiac reader system market in Europe.

Moreover, FMI’s study points to visibly growing potential of developing regions, for the expansion of cardiac reader system market. Following Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), market in Latin America and Middle East and Africa (MEA) is also reflecting signs of healthy growth in forthcoming years.

Collaborations Trending in the Competitive Landscape

Some of the key vendors actively operating in the global cardiac reader system industry, include Radiometer Medical Aps, Creative Diagnostics, Boditech Med Inc., Mitsubishi Chemical Europe GmbH, and Quidel Corporation. According to FMI’s analysis, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Beckman Coulter Inc., Siemens AG., and Abbott Laboratories are among the Tier 1 manufacturers of cardiac reader systems and account for a substantial revenue share in the global market.

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Key manufacturers of cardiac reader systems are focusing on collaborations with universities and associations to develop their product portfolio. In March 2017, Abbott Laboratories had announced the collaboration with the Hennepin County Medical Center and the University of Minnesota, over the development of markers to be used in the guiding treatment.

Learn details of the Waterproof Speaker Market will be valued at US$ 12,395.9 Mn by 2027

Waterproof Speaker Sales to Witness an Upsurge through 2027

Global Waterproof Speaker Market: From an Estimated Market Size of US$ 6,740.6 Mn in 2018, the Value Sales of Waterproof Speaker are Expected to reach US$ 12,395.9 Mn by 2027, at a CAGR of 7.0%

Since the past few years, audio devices have witnessed robust growth and are expected to continue to grow in the future. A detailed evaluation of various audio devices that offer better sound quality is expected to help users take decisions regarding the adoption of waterproof speakers. Consumers are mostly influenced by commercial advertisements, movies, entertainment channels and other modes. Moreover, different brands of waterproof speakers are using famous or well-known personalities, in other words, celebrity endorsements of their products, which is influencing the choices of customers. These factors are expected to drive the global demand for waterproof speakers in the near future.

For instance, Bose Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of waterproof speaker globally. The company promotes its products through various commercial ads and uses famous celebrities as brand ambassadors, which has motivated several consumers to adopt its products. Owing to this strategy, the sales of the company’s products rose exponentially in the past few years.

The waterproof speaker market is witnessing an upsurge because of new innovations and developments in technology, which is attracting a large number of users to these products. Hence, major manufacturers of waterproof speakers started expanding their product verticals and are providing smart speakers that are convenient, durable and attractive.

Growth in the Number of Smart Homes and Advancements in Audio Technology are Boosting the Demand for Waterproof Speakers

By product type, the global waterproof speaker market is segmented as portable and ultra-portable. Among these product types, the portable segment is estimated to account for a relatively high value share in the global waterproof speaker market. This segment is expected to remain dominant during the forecast period. The portable segment is estimated to account for a value share of 50.9 % in 2018 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.4 % during the forecast period.

The global waterproof speaker market is also segmented based on application into household, institutional, offices and leisure. The household segment dominates the global waterproof speaker market owing to an increase in the number of smart homes. The global waterproof speaker market is further segmented on the basis of sound proposition as directional speakers and 360 degree speakers. The 360 degree speakers segment is estimated to account for the largest market share during the forecast period owing to an increase in the application of these speakers.

The global waterproof speaker market is further segmented on the basis of distribution channel. The distribution channel segment includes supermarkets/hypermarkets, specialty stores, independent retailers, multi brand stores, company websites and the 3rd party online sales segment. Among all these distribution channel segments in the global waterproof speaker market, the 3rd party online sales segment is expected account for the largest share in terms of value. The 3rd party online sales segment is estimated to account for a value share of 34.9 % in 2018 and register a CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period.

Growth in Wireless Technology and Rising Penetration of Smartphones and Smart Devices are among the Key Factors Supporting the Demand for Waterproof Speakers

With the rising demand for the latest technology-based devices among customers, various vendors offering audio solutions are introducing an increasing number of waterproof speakers with new features along with competitive pricing. The adoption of smartphones is expected to remain high due to advancements in communication networks. This factor is expected to support growth in the adoption of portable waterproof speakers at a global level. The consumers of waterproof speakers are highly concerned about the look and robustness of the products that they purchase. The availability of their favourite brands in their vicinity is boosting the sales of these devices. Moreover, an increase in the number of specialty and franchised stores of audio devices as well as tie-ups with various brands and retail chains has also boosted the sales of waterproof speakers as this has brought the favourite brands of consumers closer to them.

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Waterproof Speaker Market Competitive Landscape

The global waterproof speaker market is primarily characterised by the presence of a large number of regional and multinational companies. The detailed profiles of companies are also included in the global waterproof speaker market report to evaluate their strategies, key product offerings and recent developments. Some of the key players profiled in the global waterproof speaker market study include Bose Corporation, HARMAN International, Apple Inc., Yamaha Corporation, Sony Corporation, Logitech International S.A., LG Electronics Inc., Samsung Electronics, Panasonic Corporation, Sound United LLC, Philips, LIXIL Group, Anker, Ematic, G-Project Gear, 808 Audio, ROCKVILLE, FosPower, AOMAIS and Altec Lancing.

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